Server Components, Shipment #1

The packages have started to arrive. In shipment #1 we’ve got 4 SATA cables (from the wonderful folks at, an Intel thermal cooler for an LGA2011 socket Xeon processor, an ASUS HD 6450 video card (hey, this is a server, not a gaming or bitcoin mining machine – my primary decision drivers were “cost” and “has a VGA port”) and 4 Western Digital Black 4TB SATA drives. Technically these are desktop class, but my experience tells me these will work just fine considering the anticipated usage.

Server components #1

Mind you, I don’t even know if I actually need those SATA cables because I’m not 100% sure what’s arriving with the server case. And, sure, I could have went with a much fancier CPU cooler, but I like starting with Intel just to minimize the amount of customization at the beginning in an effort to limit the number of potential faults – or, more correctly stated, minimize the number of components I start yelling at when things are not going well. Besides, I’m not looking to overclock so extreme cooling really isn’t necessary.

If you’re fully aware of my obsession with dual-proc, you may be wondering why there is only one CPU cooler. The answer is simple – while the motherboard will have dual sockets, I’m going to start with a single CPU and the second socket will be available for “future expansion.”