Strange Networking Issue. Any Ideas? [RESOLVED!]

Long story short: Max Qubit has the answer! Error 101 (net::ERR_CONNECTION_RESET): The connection was reset. Once I saw the error code in Chrome (I had to show all of the error details), it was a quick visit to Bing to get the answer I needed.

Here’s my original post:

Webpage not available

In the process of building my new server, I became acutely aware of a networking problem with my tried and trusted Windows 7 desktop. I built this machine 6 years ago and it has worked like a champ since day one.

I needed to get some datasheets from the manufacturer of my new server chassis, so I headed over to their website – The site would not load, so I figured maybe it was down.

I tried again the next day and still no luck. Suspicious of a routing issue with my ISP, I remoted into a machine a few hundred miles away and I was able to connect to the web site without any problems.

Eventually, I simply tried from another PC on my network – and, much to my surprise, I was able to reach the website. (Yeah, I could have done that before remoting into another machine, but it was easier to not get off my butt and just remote somewhere else. Besides my suspicion at the time was directed towards my ISP, not my machine.)

Only my Windows 7 desktop is unable to open this website. The browser just sits there and eventually times out. No other local device has an issue reaching it.

I’ve tried IE, Chrome and Firefox. They all behave the same. I’ve tried IE in No Add-Ons mode – no luck. I even booted into safe more with networking – nope. I’ve shut down services, turned off the firewall, checked for proxy settings, etc. Nothing can explain this. And it’s the only website I’ve observed having the issue.

If I telnet to port 80 of the website and type


I do get back a response. Mind you, because I’m not sending host headers and whatnot, the response if more of a generic, error web page – but clearly traffic can get through and proper HTML is coming back. So all of the browsers are using some piece of the networking stack which telnet is not, and it is this thing (whatever it is) which seemingly has a filter of some kind. A very specific and very odd filter.

Neither Fiddler nor Wireshark traces provide information because no response ever makes it back (but I do see the request going out). Something, somewhere, is seemingly filtering out all of the packets for this one website.

I’m running a full virus scan, but I doubt it will find anything. And, yes, I’ve even tried going to the website via IP ( – same result. The browser just spins until it gives up. For what it’s worth, the desired website is co-hosted on Maybe I’ve got some bizarre virus or trojan which is trying to cause the people trouble?

Any ideas?

Strange Networking Issue. Any Ideas? [RESOLVED!]
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