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Wanna Help Define the Future of Development?

Shhhh...this is just between you and me. But, in a few days, I'm going to go live with a job posting for a new Product Manager for Developer Tools at Red Hat. But I wanted to give you a sneak peek before everyone else.

Senior Product Manager -- Development Tools and Services

The Red Hat Developers Group is seeking a Development Tools and Services Product Manager to join our dynamic and innovative team. Successful candidates should be high-energy, innovative thinkers with a passion for developing meaningful, global products from initial concept through to sales and beyond. You should have deep understanding of the software development tools market and industry trends, spanning all aspects of development including modern development methodologies. Our team is highly collaborative yet values individual contribution; you will be able to directly impact the growth and overall success of our mission.

Responsibilities and Duties

As a Development Tools and Services Senior Product Manager, you will be responsible for not only understanding the broad development tools and services ecosystem, you will need to familiarize yourself with the broad Red Hat portfolio of products and services and how these may impact the market as a whole. You will identify market opportunities and conceptualize both augmentations to existing Red Hat products in addition to establishing entirely new product visions. You will maintain a broad knowledge of open source projects related to software development and identify ones as potential candidates to be brought into the Red Hat portfolio.

Once product design and development has begun, you will oversee the product’s life cycle, anticipating any problems and working to resolve issues and roadblocks quickly. You will work directly with engineering, marketing and sales to both disambiguate product goals and also establish the go-to-market strategy. Moreover, you will work directly with product managers for other product lines to ensure strong alignment between the teams -- both from a technical and messaging perspective.

You will be strategically involved in product launches, ensuring that both the messaging and the timing have the broadest impact. You will work with other leaders in the organization to ensure that public launch activities have measurable and positive outcomes, combined with post-launch adoption rates meeting or exceeding targets.

Qualifications and Skills

3+ years product development experience in a related market
Knowledge of market and industry
Demonstrable broad understanding of software development tooling topics, including application lifecycle management, developer productivity, software quality, release management, and application monitoring
Masters in Computer Science
Excellent communication and networking skills
Commitment to 20% travel
Strong team motivational skills

Wanna Help Define the Future of Development?
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